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Experts in Industrial Batteries

High Power Battery for Your Engine

For heavy duty industrial and automotive batteries, turn to AMP POWER CO in Fairfield, CA. Visit our store today and take a look at our products; we are sure we will find the product to suit your battery needs. We keep your engines moving and in good working condition.

Promoting Environment-Friendly Services

Automotive batteries contain materials that can be harmful to the environment; that is why proper waste disposal of batteries should be implemented. We have been at the forefront of battery recycling and disposal and in turn fulfill our commitment to help keep California clean and safe for generations to come. Take part in this role as well. Allow us to properly dispose your old lead acid batteries, bring them to us and get $$ cash for them.

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Do you need a new battery for your forklift, vehicle, motorhome, motorcycle, computer, or Solar System? Give us a call now at (707) 428-6066. Our friendly sales representatives will help you get the battery you need. We provide free battery evaluation and installation.

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